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Ear Pro 20ml

Ear Pro 20ml

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Ear Pro is a natural product that you spray into your ears before you swim.

Ear Pro ear spray is created for water lovers to focus more on creating memories and less on worrying about ear problems that sideline you from your favourite water activities. This ear spray is a comforting and proactive remedy for kids and water lovers everywhere who enjoy water sports such as swimming, diving, and surfing.

1. Natural Ingredients: Ear Pro does not harm the ears as it is alcohol and toxin-free.
2. Suitable For All Ages: Ear Pro has zero aggressive substances, so it's suitable for ages, including kids and seniors.
3. Medical Grade Oils: Ear Pro uses medical grade Mineral Oil and Oregano Oil. This helps prevent exposure to any contaminants contained in the water.
4. Effective Protection: Ear Pro spray covers the outer ear canals with a waterproof protective film to avoid ear-related problems such as swimmers ear (otitis externa) caused by trapped water.
5. Doctor Approved: Ear Pro has received a seal of approval from doctors.
6. Swim & Hear Naturally: Unlike muffled noises from ear plugs, hear naturally.
7. Comfortable & Easy Application: Long, easy spray nozzle that directs the spray to exactly the right area in seconds.
8. Convenient: No fuss as with earbuds falling out with you adjusting them constantly.

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